BARCELONA – Furnished rentals for medium and long term

The rental market in Barcelona is very buoyant.  In fact, the demand for properties is continually increasing. Indeed many foreigners come to study, work and visit Barcelona.  We can now say that after several years of growth, the city has become a real European capital.  Demand is currently outstripping supply.

Rental prices continue to rise more quickly than sale prices.  The earning capacity of your investment is therefore constantly increasing.

We would therefore advise you to rent out your furnished property for contracts of between 32 days and 11 months.  This is the most flexible and profitable system. This option also allows you to stay in your apartment between rental periods if you so wish.

Our team will look after everything for you, from putting it up for rent to the day to day management. We will also make sure that your apartment is advertised on all our partner sites, take people round to visit and find you tenants with good references.  We will also look after the inventory on arrival and departure, collection of rent. Any maintenance issues, intervention on the spot if necessary will be held.  You can be sure that if your apartment is well renovated, furnished and fitted out with care and attention, it will be snapped up very quickly.

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